CURRICULUM VITAE ACADEMIC RECORD   DEB K WILLIAMS   Email: Mobile: 0437876325   07 – 10 Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing) RMIT University 03 – 05 Diploma of Visual Art RMIT University 94 - 95 Graduate Diploma Visual and Performing Arts RMIT University SOLO EXHIBITIONS 19 Slow Territory, Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne 15 Falling Down/Building Up, Testing Ground, Melbourne 14 The Enchantment Compulsion , C3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne 14 10 Days in the City, Julia Street Creative Art Space, Portland 13 The Earth Bling Experiment-The C3 Chapter , C3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne 1 12 The Earth Bling Experiment, Niches @ City Library, Melbourne 11 Sample/Action, Platform Artist Space, Melbourne 09 Flux, First Site, RMIT University, Melbourne 06 Graft , The Dolls House Gallery, Melbourne 95 The Box Project , Seven Sisters CafĂ©, Melbourne 94 Amour Sea Love , No Vacancy Window, Melbourne GROUP EXHIBITIONS 20 Moreland Summer Show 2020: Noel Counihan Commemorativ

Making Space Grant 2021- Moreland Council Grants.

 Making Space 2021- Moreland Council Grant. I was a recipient of a Making Space grant from the Moreland Council. I used this opportunity to explore the process of reconstituting locally sourced clay found near my home. I created a series of small clay works that will form part of an installation reflecting my interest in mapping the laneways and verge gardens in my local area.  The works were bisque fired at Northcote Pottery Supplies, Weston Street, Brunswick. 

Studio Show - 33 Tinning Street, Brunswick

A group show at 33 Tinning Street, Brunswick.   Art work by Deb K Williams, Sandra Tobias and Natasha Boerer.  The textile works reflect my interest in hybrid forms and more broadly the delights and strangeness of the natural world.  The drawings form part of a larger body of work, that reinterprets a personal archive of actual and imagined landscape images. They respond to the notion of being lost in the flow and are a map of an imaginary but familiar world.

Moreland Summer Show 2020 Noel Counihan Commemorative Art Award, Brunswick

Solitude and Solace Solitary walks during the winter months throughout the streets of Brunswick and Royal Park are the basis for these small intimate embroideries. 'A Foggy day in Brunswick' are two imaginary maps depicting dense urban environments with possible routes to greener spaces.  Pale winter mists dampen the laneways and solace is found in the majesty of trees.  Embroidery thread and mesh. Both embroideries are 10 cm x 10 cm. 

Slow Territory - Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne

Slow Territory responds to the connection between stitching, weaving and drawing, and the contemplative, meditative nature of these activities. Using natural dyes, inks, acrylics,  and collaged felt, silk and cotton, the works respond to a range of natural processes such as the cycle of rehydration and evaporation found within salt lakes, tidal drawings of bush fire ash on coastal areas and verdant growth on lava rocks.   Notions of distilling an atmosphere of place are explored and the works form a map of remembrance and meditative intent. 

Moreland Summer Show 2019: Noel Counihan Commemorative Art Award, Brunswick

Theme: Peace and the Pursuit of Happiness Squirrels in Franklin Park      Cotton thread, Indigo dyed silk.        51cm x 31 cm                        Peace comes from being in the flow, from finding a sense of equilibrium in a chaotic and increasingly challenging world. This work was inspired by daily walks through a historic urban park, and reflects my interest in the intersection between walking, drawing, and stitching. Using a repeated running stitch on a scrap of hand dyed indigo silk I have attempted to create an imaginary map of the park and the sense of calm I experienced during these walks.   ‘Squirrels in Franklin Park‘ is a distillation of an ‘atmosphere of place’ and the work forms a record of observation and meditative intent.